Wellness institute

Xventure™ Wellness Institute is an integrated health, recreation, and fitness delivery system which will focus on recreation/education/medical services that are increasingly marketable and are proven to revitalize personal, community and corporate health.

The Institute’s board of directors is an impressive list of professional athletes, directors of medicine, psychologists, dieticians and lifestyle experts who promote; Age Management Medicine (how to feel and look younger longer) and Lifestyle changes that reduce degenerative disease symptoms and onset diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular damage, certain cancers.

Sample services include:

The Institute exists to change lives and to demonstrate that a healthy life is much more fun than the unhealthy life. The Institute believes that living healthy requires a modest amount of stimulating education (class-room and experiential) and a minimum amount of sacrifice. Fun and motivation are woven into everything the Institute provides.

Programs & Seminars

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