Welcome to Xventure

Welcome to Xventure™

The first of its kind, offering the thrill and adrenaline rush of extreme adventure sports in a safe and controlled environment surrounded by healthy lifestyle choices.

A challenging, educational and interactive destination, Xventure™ is the ultimate family vacation or corporate retreat.

The Concept

The Xventure™ model has a much broader platform of activities based on popular adventure sports like climbing, surfing, zip lines, rope courses, kayaking, ect – mixed with waterpark elements and important branding with key popular trendy clothing brands are able to exude a hip culture.

The elements of the concept are specifically aligned with the latest in corporate team building and health promotion. Creating the ability to work hand in hand in the convention/meeting business attracting customers in the other crucial 185 days.

The Design and Marketing of the Xventure™ brand is to attract customers from ages 2-70+ creating a niche market that far exceeds what the traditional waterpark has been able to accomplish.


Xventure™ offers year around fun, excitement and health within its facilities.
Xzone Outdoor Park
  • BMX Bike Course*
  • Skateboarding & Inline Skatepark*
  • Ice Skating
  • Xventure™ Mini Golf
  • Artificial Kayaking Course
  • Indoor Rope Course
  • Zip Lines
  • Activity Pools
  • Waterslides
  • Hot Tub
  • Winter Tubing*
  • Ice Climbing*
  • Sky Diving Simulator*
  • Terrain Park*
  • Half Pipe*

*Where Applicable

X20 Indoor Park

Indoor X2O Park features 40,000 sq. feet of year-round, action packed activities for all ages and abilities. The atmosphere exudes adventure, new experiences and an active healthy lifestyle featuring healthy foods and beverages.

  • Artificial Wave Pool
  • Rock Climbing over Water
  • Surfing Simulator
  • Bungee Jump
  • Kiteboard and Windsurfing Simulators
  • Zip Lines
  • Ropes Courses
  • Water Slides
  • Lazy River Ride
  • Interactive Waterplay
  • Half-pipe Water Ride
  • Rope Swings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Hot Tub
Conference Facility

Team Building and Leadership Program:

Utilizes resort attractions including: zip lines, rope courses, water bouldering, ect. To break down barriers and build respectful teams that encourage collaboration and cooperation for success.

Corporate Health Evaluation & Education:

Healthy bodies and minds create better employees and can drastically reduce health costs. Xventure™ ‘s unique personal health professionals and exectives chefs are on-hand to provide health evaluations, teach and encourage new habits, set attainable goals and reduce unnecessary health risks.

XVenture Communities
As escape is the best way to begin to describe the Xventure™ community experience. Escape to a place where the simplicity of the north meets style and finishes of modernity.

Rooms fill with natural daylight which pours in from floor to ceiling picture windows. Looking onto a private patio which is the perfect place to enjoy that morning java.

Light then ricochets throughout the room off of the heated wood floors and across the ledgestones which wrap your very own hearth. Warm comforting natural materials provide a start to every day as if you are awakening in the solitude of your very own cabin retreat… with an edge of style.

Speciality Retail Shops

Xventure™ will feature speciality retail shops that showcase brands like, the Xventure™ signature line, Billabong, Dakine, Oakley, Spy, Quicksilver, Roxy, Patagonia, North Face and More!

Food & Drink

Sports Pub – Immerse yourself in adventure sports through the archived of stories & videos from legendary surfers, climbers, bikers, skiers, etc while you kickback and share a beer with friends. The Adventure Sports Hall of Fame weaves its way through the lobby, retails stores and pub while the latest action is seen on the plasma screens; or catch some live Xventure™ action through the glass wall of the X20 Indoor Park.

Healthy Dining – Xventure’s™ signature restaurant will awaken your whole family’s senses with a innovative menu of healthy, delicious food.





The root of the Xventure™ Brand is an important core philosophy that evolved in its founder’s lives. It is not something made up but rather a passion and dedication to an exciting lifestyle that feels great.

Wellness Institute

Xventure™ Wellness Institute is an integrated health, recreation, and fitness delivery system which will focus on recreation/education/medical services that are increasingly marketable and are proven to revitalize personal, community and corporate health.

The Institute’s board of directors is an impressive list of professional athletes, directors of medicine, psychologists, dieticians and lifestyle experts who promote; Age Management Medicine (how to feel and look younger longer) and Lifestyle changes that reduce degenerative disease symptoms and onset diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular damage, certain cancers.

Sample services include:

  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Individual fitness & health programs
  • Medical screenings to discover advancing but unidentified threatening conditions
  • Athletic competitions
  • and more.

The Institute exists to change lives and to demonstrate that a healthy life is much more fun than the unhealthy life. The Institute believes that living healthy requires a modest amount of stimulating education (class-room and experiential) and a minimum amount of sacrifice. Fun and motivation are woven into everything the Institute provides.

Programs & Seminars
  • Nutrition: Fueling for Happiness and Energy
  • Power of the Mind seminar
  • Women’s Wellness: Staying in Shape for Life
  • Nurturing Our Souls for Peace and Productivity
  • New Discoveries about the Right Way to Eat
  • Radiating Beauty from the Inside Out
  • The Essential Spirit of the Outdoors
  • Mind Mastery (Air Rifle & Archery)
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: More than Running
  • Lunch with Xventure™ chef – Quick & easy nutrition
  • Stress – How it kills and what to do about it
  • Laughter IS the Best Medicine
  • Living Healthy on the Road
  • Breath for Life
  • Go out on a limb
  • Right brain drawing
  • Why “Art” matters
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Creating home practice
  • Become an Optimist
  • Kick Detrimental Habits
  • Weight loss without dieting
  • Making Exercise Enjoyable
Fitness Fun
    • Learn to surf
    • Learn to kayak
    • Climbing basics
    • Various Yoga disciplines
    • Pilates
    • Tai Chi
    • Chi Kung
    • Kick Boxing
    • Water conditioning
    • Cardio Dance
    • X-country Skiing
    • Hiking adventures
    • Fly a trainer kite
    • Intro to Strength Training
    • Walk for Life
    • Power stretch
    • Fitness swimming
    • Tennis & Golfing

Green Building

In an effort to serve our changing world and our customer demographic profile, we have made a pledge to create an environmentally proactive resort.

Xventure™ pledges to build our resort with the environment in the forefront of our planning and management our operation to reduce, re-use and recycle to the best of our ability. Decisions in regard to land use, building design, water use, building supplies and non-greenhouse energy systems including solar & wind (where possible) will be considered at each step of our development.

The Development Team

The root of the Xventure™ Brand is an important core philosophy that evolved in its founder’s lives. It is not something made up but rather a passion and dedication to an exciting lifestyle that feels great.

It is from this passion and excitement that prompted our desire to share it with others who haven’t had the opportunity to know exercise must be consistent and fun. Food unproccessed and delicious and the tools to know how to handle life’s stresses.

We are both consummate entrepreneurs who believe there is a huge market of kids, adults and corporate groups who would love the opportunity to find fun and enjoyment in physical activites and the food they eat.

People who are interested to try adventure sports in a safe, supported environment and who are capable of understanding the how important physical movement and proper diet can be to living long, healthy, productive and meaningful lives.

It is our goal that people will come to Xventure™ Resort and connect their mind, body and spirit and then incorporate the experience into a lifestyle of health, happiness and wellness.

Founding Partners,
Peggy Lalor
Bruce Dalen

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